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Medical Esthetics Service

Some of our most popular non-surgical procedures are performed with cosmetic injectables. We are also offering other skin and body care procedures as well as muscle and pain relief treatments. Whether you want to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with BOTOX Cosmetic treatments or would like to return youthful plumpness to your skin with dermal fillers we are here to help!


Dermal Filler Injections

Dermal filler is actually a natural carbohydrate called Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that is already a part of your body. It is a ......


Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy

Intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy is an effective way to help you achieve faster and better results when it comes to your health......


Skin Lightening

Skin color is determined by the production of melanin, which is produced by melanocytes in the bottom layer of the epidermis......



The formula is a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger that is required for detoxification of toxins and maintaining cellular health......



Detoxification pathways are driven and supported by specific nutritional components......


PRP Treatment

Platelet rich plasma, commonly referred to as PRP is a treatment where blood is drawn, similar to a routine blood test, then prepared to produce a concentration of platelets......


RF v-lifting

Face Lifting Skin Tightening
RF Machine, Heating the SMAS layer quickly, Get v-shape result within 30 minute……


Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is an effective facial rejuvenation without surgical and toxic method that can help to reduce the signs of aging and improve the quality and tone of the skin on the face......

紅色和藍色, 氖光

Light Therapy

What makes Light Therapy a truly special addition to your aesthetic menu or skincare routine is that it not only works alongside all of the listed treatment options, but also that in most cases it actually enhances their results......



Mesotherapy, an injectable containing natural substances, is a prime example that falls under the alternative beauty regimen umbrella......


Chemical peel

Chemical peels are used to treat wrinkles, discolored skin and scars — usually on the face. They can be done alone or combined with other ...

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