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Luxury aesthetic facial

With High qualified products and skillful hands of our facial specialists, we use most suitable products according to your skin condition at the moment to bring back your flawless visage.


Skinceutical Professional Spa Treatment

A leading skincare brand in North America, founded by the father of Vitamine C, is an antioxidant authority backed by science and research, and loved by dermatologists.


Dr. Babor - German Deluxe Facial

As a leading brand of professional cosmetics, Dr. Babor has more than 60 years of skincare expertise made in Germany: all research, development and production activities take place exclusively at the company headquarters in Aachen, from the idea to the finished jar represents a promise of quality and stands for science, precision and effect.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Korean Style Hy + Balsam Luxury Facial 

A leading professional Korean skincare brand focusing on hydration at cellular level.

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